May 2022 Pin Club Reveals!

Gnome Troll Enamel Pin by Andy Helms and Becky Helms

Gnome Troll

We have a cave troll...

This baddie is another oversized pin and he's going to mean a lot of trouble for our plucky bandits!  It's got two pin posts on the back and lots of metal detail.  Will your gnome collection get more menacing?

The Gnome Adventure guild is $15 a month with free shipping!

Subscribe below by May 1st at 11:59pm Central Time to get this pin in the mail!


Strawberry Cats Enamel Pin by Becky Helms

Strawberry Kittens!

Strawberry kittens forever!

I love my hidden kitten pin series and we're fully branching out into fruit now.  This pin is full of glitter and has beautiful, bright screen printed details.  The is minimal design was inspired by the cutest fruit of them all, the white strawberry, and perfect for gardeners and snack-lovers alike!

If you want to scoop this kitten up, be sure to sign up for my Cat Pin Club before May 1st!⁠
*Note if you want to get free shipping and be subscribed for recurring payments, do not use Express Checkout options.  Go through the whole checkout and pick your preferred payment option there.  I've been working with my developers to fix this issue, just wanted to let you know!


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